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ESD will release an updated Scorecard in Winter 2017 and requests that you update your profile prior to February 15th in order to ensure that families visiting the site have accurate information to inform their school choice.

You may use this site to update your school profile thus providing parents with the best information about your school. Up-to-date and accurate information is critical for families who are looking to select a school for their child. To update your school’s profile:

  1. Find and click on your school name under “My School Profile”, to the right

  2. The “View” tab provides all current information on your school;

  3. Select the “Edit” tab to make any necessary changes;

  4. Click Save.

Any edits you make will be reflected within 24 hours. You can view your school’s live profile by visiting the ESD Scorecard.

Finally, we know that we cannot provide all information about your school, so please 1) make suggestions and provide feedback in the box below; and 2) ensure your school website and contact information is accurate.